An open source implementation of Knight's Tour

Here's my first program I deliver here. It's a simple game : eptaxia. This was an old mind game I used to play since I was in high school (in boring classes). I don't know it's real name.

You can also get the source codes of the game. Below, in this page, you'll find a link to Code Project where it resides.

All is free of course.

note : .NET Framework 2.0 needed. If it's not already installed on your PC, the setup procedure will help you to install it from

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the main screen

The Game

A Snapshot - basic features

A Snapshot

basic features

The game consists of one main screen and a settings form. The figure here explains all the functions of the buttons.

The Rules

The rules are simple.

1. For the very first movement, you choose any one of the empty cells. This cell will be labeled as 1.

2. Then, choose your next move. Next move will be as similar to L shaped knight movement of chess.

3. Try to fill all the cells of your chosen configuration. If you have no movement option left before filling the table, you fail.

The original of the game is 7x7. But you can try other dimensions as 5x5, 6x6, 8x8 and 9x9. All are possible configurations.

L Shaped Movements - like the knight in chess

L Shaped Movements

like the knight in chess

Choosing Other Dimensions

In order to play another table dimensions, press the Settings button on upper left corner of the panel, as in the figure below.

Settings button

After you press the Settings button, you can select a new table dimension, as seen in the figure below. But remember that, this action resets the ongoing game info.

Settings form


You can uninstall eptaxia by using Windows' Add or Remove Programs Utility.

Choose Start -> Control Panel. And then click Add or Remove Programs.

How to uninstall

You can uninstall eptaxia by clicking Remove and following the directions.

Good luck!

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