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Though insignificant yet

Even the facial age estimation term is not isolated enough to make a research. Anyone who has some knowledge on scientific research knows that, today you can only make research in a ridiculously small and isolated field.

This reality is even harsher in pattern recognition.

While starting the research I made these decisions to draw my research boundaries:

  • My algorithms will use still face images (photographs)
  • I'll only deal with adult specimens (older than 16), because aging in children has completely different processes
  • I'll not use 3D face models
  • Facial texture, shape and facial feature info will be the major feature set

My Approach - My research interest location on the map

My Approach

My research interest location on the map


The methodology used in three different fields

The methodology used

in three different fields

This is the starting point of my research. I know it's simple and it's not a new discovery.

For now, I'm in the process of repeating other people's works.

You cannot innovate new things unless you know the whole history.

The Very First Results

These are the first results of my algorithms.

This table compares the performances of PCA and LBP methods.

This is my first attempt by using my own Hollywood Database.

First results of the algorithm

First results

of the algorithm

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