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My PhD Journal

You can get information on my PhD studies on "Facial Age Estimation from Still Images" via My PhD Journal.

Get background information on the subject, read my reports up to date and follow the progress of my Hollywood Database.

Bilgin EsmeThis site is about rather unique stories from my own zeitgeist, that I want to share with.

It was the spring of 1995 when I first launched my web site.

I was a research assistant trying to complete the MSc degree. And at the same time trying to discover the internet. My personal web site was one of the first ones in Turkey, and one of the pioneers in the world also.

But in time, especially after I founded my own software business, I removed the site and became a total spectator in the internet world.

Now it's time for the change. For all those years I've been a consumer, now it's time to contribute something in return. ...


Bicycle in January


Bicycle in January

Impressions from a bicycle tour on a warm January Sunday (!). On the bicycle routes of Istanbul and Bagdat Caddesi.

Bicycle in January

Rubber Boom

Survive and thrive in the Amazon!

Rubber Boom is a real-time strategy game that takes place in the early 20th Century Amazon jungle.  Establish a thriving rubber collecting business in this fierce environment.

It is the beginning of the 20th century. Amazon Forest is the center of attention for the giant industrialists . Rubber is very important for car tires and textile products. And the only source is the Rubber Trees, only found in the Amazon Forest.  Since Rubber trees are randomly scattered in the deep jungle, collecting rubber means a great challenge against wild animals and starvation.

Rules are very simple: "Collect rubber and sell it to the passing boats." In the meantime, be careful with the wild birds, Indians, snakes and many other challenges. Plan your route according to your food reserve and look for ways to get additional food on the way.

More about Rubber Boom

Volcano Island
June 2011

Volcano Island At last, my very first game is ready and available on the market. It's available on Windows Phone 7, iPhone, iPod and iPad. Here's the official teaser of the game:

Once a quiet peaceful heaven, our island is now under the threat of its volcano. Your task is to move the inhabitants to safer places.

Volcano Island is a turn-based strategy game. Before the eruption of the volcano, the island is gradually sinking beneath the ocean. Your challenges are wandering sharks and octopuses. Also there are some people who can't swim. You should accompany them with swimming ones.

Each task is composed of 3 levels. In each level, you have different challenges and tools. And there are 5 different islands to play with.

In trial mode, you can play with "Banana Island"; the complete Level 1 and ten turns in Level 2 (on iOS versions, only the first level is free).

We know that the game rules are not easy to learn at once. To make things a bit easier, we provided a very comprehensive and easy-to-read help. Volcano Island is one of the few sophisticated games on mobile platforms that can provide you the lasting fun and playing experience even after months or years of playing.

Save the islanders before the eruption!

click for more details on Volcano Island
Wine in Turkey

From the Ancient Land of Wine
September 2007

A vineyard in East Anatolia
A vineyard in East Anatolia
(from Kavaklidere)
You don't often see Turkish wines all around the world. And the total wine brands in Turkey is no more than the local brands of a single small French town.

Being one of the most ancient lands that produced wine, Turkey has still lots of flavors for wine lovers. I was 22 when I first tasted a foreign wine. I love the rather bitter taste of Turkish wines.

Here you'll find about the wine regions in Turkey, grape variations, popular brands and my humble selections for you.

click for "Wine in Turkey"


Songs of Unspoken Sorrow
March 2008

Έμαθα πως είσαι μάγκας, είσαι και μερακλής,
πως γυρίζεις στις ταβέρνες, είσαι και μπελαλής
I heard that you're a "mangas", and also a "merakli",
you wander around "tavernas" and you're also a "belali".

It may seem weird that some Turkish man writing about Rembetika.

But after years of interest, hundreds of hours spent on reading and thousands of drachmas spent on rembetika books and cassettes; I feel a humble authority to write something on this unique music phenomena.

On the other hand, being born in Mikra Asia is also a good reference.

click to read "Rembetika - Songs of Unspoken Sorrow"

--> Rembetika - Songs of Unspoken Sorrow
A Group of Rembetes from 1925

Journey to Gruyéres - Switzerland

24th October 2006

When you visit Switzerland, you have thousands of one-day trip choices. Gruyéres is just one of them.

If you love trains, journey to Gruyéres becomes a magnificent occasion, and an "always to be remembered" event.

Also, this medieval town has many temptations waiting for you. It's my first time in a medieval town. After I've read Micheal Crichton's Timeline, it was one of my dreams to wander inside a castle and to look upon the plains from castle towers.

read complete story
Castle of Gruyéres


Biking Lake Leman

A leisure bike around the lake
3rd June 2007

Lake Leman (Geneva lake) is one of the most pleasant routes for cyclists. There's a fine course all around the lake. Though I only cycled only a portion of it, I think I've got the spirit of Lake Leman route.

These are my experiences of my trip from Geneva to Nyon.

click for "Biking Lake Leman"
--> Biking Lake Leman
On the way to Nyon

Cyprus - Divided forever?
29 July 2006

In June 2006, Zeynep and I visited Cyprus. It was our first time in the island. I was born in 1971, and my entire life has passed waiting for the Cyprus problem to be solved.

These are my impressions after this first visit to the island. Unfortunately, now, I have less hope for the re-unification of Cyprus. I will not see it in my lifetime.

Cyprus - Divided Forever?
Café in Famagusta
A quite café in Famagusta with a nice view of old city on background
Melek Kobra

Diaries of a young woman, lived in 1930s, died in her 25
11st November 2006

How it feels to die when you're only 25?
I imagine myself dying when I'm 25. To be buried with passions to be fulfilled, things to be done.

Melek Kobra lived in 1930s' Istanbul. In a country transforming itself and integrating to modern world. She was also an important figure of this transformation.

She died of tuberculosis, and in her last three years, she began to write diaries. She was aware of her fate, but she kept writing it, to her very last days.

Her diaries were found in 2006, nearly seventy years after her death.

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Melek Kobra
Melek Kobra

eptaxia - the game

eptaxia the game

Here I present my first program. It's a simple game : eptaxia. This was an old mind game I used to play since I was in high school (in boring classes). I don't know it's real name.

There's a setup package that you can easily install. Also, you can get the source codes of the program.

click for details

More Entries

May 2006 Maybe our universe is stranger than we expect - Dark Matter, read article

BBC's documentaries are quite interesting. Sometimes they cover controversial issues as 'String Theory', 'Eleven Dimesions' and so.

... it seems that only 4% of all the matter is made up of atoms and observable by us. The others? The others are called as dark matter and dark energy.

Apr 2006 Cesária Évora - touches deep in your heart, read article

It was  the spring of 2005 when I first listened one of Cesária Évora songs : Sodade.  She was singing a duet with Eleutheria Arvanitaki. As I'm a real fan of Arvanitaki, this simply was enough reference for her.

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