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Scale del Vomero - Naples

Neapolitan World

Sep 2015

Larger than a city, larger than life...

Rubber Boom - Fireants Adventure

Rubber Boom

Mar 2014

This my second game available worldwide. First planned as a simple game, later turned out to be kind of a PhD project spanning into two years of hard work.


A simple reduction of Kalman Filter equations

Kalman Filter for Dummies

Mar 2009

A mathematically challenged man's search for scientific wisdom

Byzantine Vineyard

Wine In Turkey

Sep 2007

Being one of the most ancient lands that produced wine, Turkey has still lots of flavors for wine lovers.

Caddebostan - Istanbul

A Winter Day's Bike

Jan 2007

A bicycle tour on the coastal Anatolian part of Istanbul, where I spent some years of my childhood.

Cyprus Divided Forever

Cyprus Divided Forever

Jul 2006

I have lived my first 25 year believing the official point of view. Cyprus problem is one of the most complicated conflicts of the world (I think in top five, with Israel-Palestine, Kashmir). I don't have any idea how this conflict would be resolved, and after this visit it seems more improbable to me.

Percy Fawcett - The Last of the Great Explorers

Percy Fawcett - The Last of the Great Explorers

Mar 2014

It was the times that the world still has some regions waiting to be explored, and still there was a chance that one single man could achieve incredible things. But it's obvious that Fawcett was the last man trying it. And he died (most probably) trying it.

Melek Kobra

Melek Kobra

Nov 2006

How it feels to die when you're only 25? To be buried with passions to be fulfilled, things to be done, a life to be lived. Melek Kobra lived in 1930s' Istanbul. In a country transforming itself and integrating to modern world. She was also an important figure of this transformation.

Other Articles

Legacy Articles

I wrote these articles at the beginning of my writing journey. Some of them are good, some are bad, some ugly. But I keep them anyway.

My PhD Journal

This section is about my failed attempt to complete my PhD. The information may be outdated or irrevelant. I only wanted to keep it just to remember good memories.

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